27 March 2009

Personal Technology with Hyatt Technology

An unexpected extra night in Las Vegas led me to the Hyatt Place in that town. I had already enjoyed enough Strip for the week and the Hyatt provided well: straight shot up from the airport, free shuttle for airport transport, and convenient technology support.

Free wi-fi, nifty panel of ports installed alongside the flat-screen TV (see above), and easily accessed electrical outsets throughout the suite. (It's more than a mini-suite but the bedroom does not have a separate door.)

I was momentarily put off by the lack of room service but I ordered and picked up hot spinach and artichoke dip from the hotel lobby. It was worth the small effort and the service was exceptional even if it didn't extend to delivery to my room.

The cost of my stay was reasonable ($109/night) for a very comfortable hotel with free transportation. No, it wasn't Las Vegas on sale and didn't compete with my rate at Harrah's ($85/night) for the previous 3 nights. I rationalized the extra cost with what I paid for cabs between Harrah's and the airport: $12/50 per trip.

The real highlight was conversation with a worker who told me that work was reduced from 40 hours/week to 32, across the board. And that 14 years in the industry was not enough preparation for the current economic downturn because this is a "slump" without even a prediction of an ending time.

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