10 March 2009

Dollar Cars & Penny Pizzas

If yesterday's blog about $100 houses didn't capture your imagination, perhaps today's blog on $1 cars and 1¢ pizzas will....

The marketing concept for "buy one car, get the second one for $1" is not brand new. But this month's promotions appear to be with fewer "gotcha" clauses. The deal is certainly a marketing technique but it also is providing a real benefit to dealers: moving inventory off the lot. Last week, Ford and Chevrolet dealers in Seattle joined in. ($1 deals typically specify what model of car can be chosen and also what other rebates are disallowed.)

For penny pizza? It's Pizza Hut's promotion that started with Lincoln's birthday in February. Get it? Lincoln penny? Not all locations participate, so you need to check Pizza Hut outlets near you. Poke around the Pizza Hut web site and you'll probably find a coupon or two to suit you. (You really do have to poke. Look for a tab for "Deals." Expect to have to enter your street address to access the coupon locator.)

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got coffee said...

the new penny release makes me wonder, with inflation and all, is a penny still worth a penny?