25 March 2009

Las Vegas Eateries: BLT Burger a Winner

Live long enough and you'll forget whether you ever knew that bars have built-in video poker.

Some things about Las Vegas I know have changed. From 30 years ago, there is no more 99¢ offer of steak and eggs. But a sign in 2009 promises the same for $5.99 between midnight and 6am. From 5 years ago, the cost of buffet is double or triple. I did not sample a buffet this trip although a young woman at a counter assured me that the Bellagio buffet is the best.

Our find on this trip was the BLT Burger (part of the BLT group and complemented by other versions, such as BLT Fish, in other cities). Installed in the Mirage, this restaurant has moderate costs, ample servings, and a great salmon burger. For the handiest assortment of affordable restaurants, the Mirage wins hands down (is that a gambling reference?). Besides BLT, we spotted California Pizza Kitchen (I think I took underage nieces there 3 or 4 years ago) and Carnegie Deli (surely that's new this trip).

There are more restaurants overall, both on the sidewalks and inside the casinos. I hesitate to suggest, but feel compelled to say, there appear to be fewer bars (with or without video poker).

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