11 March 2009

Boomer Woman Feigning Interest in Dog's Bone

If you ever need to keep Sherman busy for 10 or 12 minutes without interruption, you will want to do this:

Put on your dog shoes. These may have been your yard shoes in pre-Sherman days.

Pick up one of his chewing bones, no matter how slippery it feels.

Sit with your laptop, holding any cords and lanyards in your lap.

Place the slippery bone under your dog shoes. Speak softly and convincingly: "Oh, I'm glad I have my bone with me." You must communicate your satisfaction with owning a bone and having it beneath your feet.

Adjust your feet only slightly when Sherman approaches to chew on the bone. Apply enough pressure that Sherman will identify this as opportunity to chew on something of value to someone else.

(I am dog-sitting for Tom Bold. He cannot come home soon enough.)

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1 comment:

lil chef said...

I've been wondering how you were making out with Sherman. Sounds like you're doing fine!