23 March 2009

Las Vegas: Crowds Returning?

Las Vegas is not the ghost town I was expecting this spring. Having heard from friends that in winter one could see across a casino for lack of crowds, I landed after a long and bumpy (and full) flight to a full hotel (Harrahs) for a conference.

The conference numbers were a little low (frozen travel budgets at many campuses will have an impact on this year's academic conferences, next year's, and then we'll see what happens after that). But the hotel had filled anyway. How can that be?

Well, Vegas is on sale but it's not a fire sale. Just enough discounts are in place to stimulate visitors to plan a trip. And advertising is up. In the month of March I have noticed more ads for city, especially for family-friendly vacations. I became alert to the family focus when I received an email promotion for package deals to Sin City. I mean to say, the text in the email referred to Las Vegas as Sin City. Now, I'm generally a fan of lively and humorous advertising but I'll admit to a double-take at Sin City.

The statue? Casino floor of Harrah's.

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