16 March 2009

Sparkly Costuming Off the Stage

If I had a sparkly skirt like that, I'd go see High School Musical, the play. Ah, well, I did, yesterday, but not wearing any of the finery of the majority of the crowd.

I dragged The Sociologist with me, which seemed much wiser than taking Tom Bold. It was a road show of the Disney movie-turned-musical stage play. The actors were far older than high school age, the music was not memorable although I spotted not just girls but their mothers also mouthing the words, and it was probably the shortest play I've ever attended.

But it was fun. Loud and fast (had to be: kids squirmed when the dialog ran longer than 2 minutes) and definitely G-rated. Confetti fluttered at the end of the show. That slowed our exit as children took time to pick up the scraps of memory.

Just to assure that we were thinking throughout the show, I can report that we recognized themes and sounds from Grease and Bye Bye Birdie. And, strangely, from The Music Man.

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