17 March 2009

Personal Technology: Kosmix, Beta-ish

Kosmix is a new search page on the web. Think Google with a broader stroke. Google is a big computer shuffling through matches. Kosmix is looking for a mix of the matches.

The new seach site is really not so new but still calls itself in beta, with a humor attached. "Beta-ish" is the official designation alongside the logo.

What's different about Kosmix searching is that it serves up a dashboard of related information on the web pertaining to your search term. (Excuse me, explore term.) Kosmix presents itself as a guide to the web that then allows you to save your information as a personal guide page, and edit your guide page, and otherwise personalize it for maximum personal use.

The dashboard idea really does work. You can drag elements of the page around to your liking. Once you've created your own guide page, you can edit it as you see fit. All that stays on your computer. That's a step beyond browser bookmarking which, after all, just returns you to someone else's page.

Here's a link to short video that doesn't so much explain the how of Kosmix as communicate the mood of Kosmix. Happily, using the guide itself is intuitive. You don't need instructions.

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