09 February 2009

Yellow dogs rarely even think about Republicans

Folks in the South know what a yellow dog Democrat is. So, probably, do most adults all over the country. But in the South, we know about this special political breed when we are children. Before we know what a Democrat is, even.

It's no surprise that I am one. Yellow dogs don't talk about it much because, you know, there's not really anything to talk about. You don't have to read up on the opposition because you already know you're never going to vote for them. You don't have to debate politics with Republican friends or family because you know that you'd never convert anyone to your views just as you'd never be convinced of their views. Yellow dog status is a lot like knowing you're a Chevy man or a Ford man and you're never going to change. Um, not so great an analogy this year, I guess.

Anyway, that brings me to February 2009, amid the Mini Depression, and feeling genuine sympathy for a Republican. I never thought I would find myself empathizing with Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that's where I am.

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