19 February 2009

First grocery store visit in about 2 months

Today's entry is about grocery store P.R., grocery store team spirit, and, I'm pretty sure, the economic downturn that some call the Mini Depression.

I went to the grocery store yesterday. First time in about 2 months because I have determined that the best budget control is simply to not go to stores. I am able to do this and still survive because Tom Bold has never made an impulse purchase in all the years that I've known him. Wait a minute...that's not so. He did make one in the Dallas Galleria Macy's in 1993. (Yes, it was that memorable.) So, he's doing the weekly shopping and saving us a lot of money.

So, yesterday did feel a little odd to me. And although the shelves were stocked in typical manner, I picked up on new behaviors. In 20 minutes' time, I was addressed by 6 employees asking me, "How are you doing?" or a variation of that. I am prepared to swear that I've never been individually welcomed by so many store employees before in my life. I would estimate that at least 2 of these welcomers were management. Note: some of these welcomes were called out to me from a distance.

Also during those 20 minutes I heard the loud speaker several times (couldn't make out the announcement) followed by cheers. I am prepared to swear that I've never ever heard cheering in the grocery store before.

When I reached the check out counter crowded with High School Musical 3 on sale, I had to smile. That particular DVD was a good match for the mood of the place. You know, the cheering.

I asked the checker what the announcements were about and she explained that whenever a customer adds a $1 donation to Kindness for Kids to the tab, it is announced and cheered. "Do you want to donate today?" Sure. It feels a little bit like being in HSM3.

Kindness for Kids: Help us care for kids with cancer is a donation program co-sponsored by Tom Thumb, Children's Medical Center, and CookChildren's in Texas.

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