17 February 2009

Boomer Woman on a Budget

Boomers know how to cut back. It just means we don't go to the store. We have enough stuff in our homes, garages, and storage units (at least, some people have storage units) to live on for years. One might think that we could sell our stuff, too, except that I've had zero luck with craigslist and, besides, everyone else is cutting back, too.

We have a lot of national indicators of people cutting back, and the blog Demo Memo (by demographer Cheryl Russell) explains one more: the Tchotchke Index.

Tchotchkes are decorative items and knick-knacks that we buy when we have money. The Index goes down when, nationally, we either don't have money or are worried about not having money.
Demo Memo explains the current statistics (the Index is down, of course) but we don't really need to follow it closely. After all, we are creating it. (Image is not my personal tchotchke. It's a free-use image from the web.)

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