02 February 2009

Finding Humor in the Mini Depression

Rick Moranis' Dialing for Derivatives op-ed column in The NY Times (yesterday) is a great way to start the week. I promise.

LOLFed - Troubled Asset Ridicule Program is harder to read but highly reflective of a mood for laughing out loud (LOL), for which it is named. I don't read beyond the text on the photographs, frankly.

The Onion. An acquired taste, this onion-y view of life can skewer any topic, which can bring much laughter. But if you've been touched by suicide, for example, you may not care for The Onion's mock reporting on the suicide note that came in the form of a 48-slide PowerPoint presentation. (I guess my favorite part of the story is, Copywriter Gita Pruriyaran said the presentation "had room for improvement.") My son introduced me to The Onion when he was a teenager and I saw it as insight into his adolescent development. I have since come to admire the satire.

Learning to love The Onion reminds me of my adaptation to David Letterman. As a young woman, I cringed at what I considered his meanness and mocking. And then I grew more cynical and Letterman grew more circumspect. Or I just got used to him.

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