28 February 2009

San Francisco: EVs Showcased

Front and center parking at San Francisco City Hall is reserved for the plug-in hybrids that form the Green Vehicle Showcase. Charging stations (swipe a card, plug in, charge up) replace parking meters and "zipcars live here," too.

San Francisco is promoting both green auto technology and car sharing, both of which can impact a city dramatically. The Green Vehicle Showcase hosts the city's own electric fleet of cars as well as the companies in the city that rent hybrids to members (per hour and per day rentals). The Showcase is the mayor's idea and it rolled out just a little more than a week ago.

EV (electric vehicle) charging stations are slowly emerging around major cities. Yesterday, I spotted a commercial garage sign (in San Francisco) advertising "charging station inside." That is necessarily more than an electrical outlet. The charging stations include a display for tracking the charge and connect to a network that tracks all the registered cars. But I'm guessing at home an outlet will do.

The City Hall showcase is set for 2 years.

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