22 February 2009

The Cost of Fondue. The True Cost.

Perhaps you recognize this platter of sweets. It is the dipping set for chocolate fondue at The Melting Pot. I enjoyed it with friends earlier this month as they helped me prepare (with words as well as pictures) for a conference presentation called Have You Tried Chocolate Fondue?

The talk isn't about fondue at all, or at least not much. It's about assessment and engaging faculty in the work surrounding it. Last year I attended the happiest assessment meeting I had ever seen. And I attribute the happiness to the fact that the hosts served lunch with chocolate fondue.

A friend asked me why I didn't just make fondue rather than go to a restaurant to photograph it. First, it never occurred to me. Second, I am certain that the ingredients and time would far exceed the cost of the restaurant.

But that raises the point of what The Melting Pot costs. Fondue (ideally, cheese for bread cubes followed by broth for vegetables followed by chocolate for strawberries) costs what you would expect. Plan on at least $20 per person even if you share some items. Here's the real cost of this restaurant: time.

Depending on what you consider a leisurely meal, The Melting Pot will either delight you with the generous allotment of seat time in a comfortable booth... or try your patience as the clock rolls right through the second hour. A meal of fondue can last longer than a movie.

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