16 February 2009

Personal Finance: Moving it to the Cell Phone

Mashable's link to free finance apps (for the iPhone) leads us to two major considerations for the near future:

1 - Conducting our finances online will be routine. I do not mind confessing that it took me years to move my mortgage payment online. I did not know if I would be able to make extra principle payments. There were no screenshots to allow me to preview the system. I obviously didn't feel comfortable asking. (Logic need not apply.) I finally took the big step after deciding that I would just mail in the additional check, if necessary. (Again, logic need not apply.) Of course, I found a multiple-option screen that allowed me to make any kind of payment I wanted to. (Even extra interest payments. Yep, logic need not apply.)

2 - Computing in general is shifting to the ultra portable. I remember when laptops started proliferating. They were heavy little things (mainly the battery, I think). Then they got lighter and bigger. And now they're getting smaller and more powerful. And now there's a computer in my cell phone.

While the boomer in me cries out that I would never conduct financial business on a cell phone, I remember the shifts I have already made (1 and 2 above). So, I'm going to work up to actually banking on the phone. A nifty calculator or two to start. Perhaps my trust will build before the dome is paid off. Or I could use the cell phone for the last payment. Yes, I like the lack of logic in that idea.

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