27 February 2009

The iPod Vending Machine

I've never actually worried about Apple making money from its vending machines but I have wondered if it ever did. The usual scene: airport travelers turn and look at the machines, perhaps slowing just enough to admire the contents. (Apple is very good at presentation, of course.)

This week, at DFW Airport, I watched as long as I could before my boarding number was called. Someone was actually buying. Here's the frustration: I had to leave before seeing how the product would emerge from the machine.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love when you are traveling so you can broaden all of our horizons. I wonder if the Apple purchases would be impulse, necessity (replacement), or planned. Is there sales tax at a vending machine? Would you feel more anonymous (like buying porno that you don't want to admit)? You know, like I would drink more of a certain type of coffee beverage if I didn't have to go into the store with that logo. Interesting potential research on consumer behavior!