25 February 2009

Airblade: Drying Hands

DFW Airport has a new machine in the ladies' room. It's an Airblade. And as soon as I saw it, I related to it. This is the fix to air-dryers blowing germs all over public restrooms.

The Airblade shoots a strong 12-second gust of air on your hands after you lower them in the contraction shown above. I read the short instructions on the machine (you don't touch anything; you just lower your hands and then raise them slowly) and braced myself for the experiment. The intense shot of air has no pain associated with it—but watch your skin "blow around." Not something we often see.

I also checked out the machine on the Dyson web site. No clue as to cost but the marketing materials present Airblade as the most hygienic and cost effective means for removing water from hands.

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