23 February 2009

Dog-Friendly Lists on the Internet

Determining where dogs are welcome is a daunting task. I have recently made web searches for hotels, restaurants, and parks where Sherman can visit.

First, the web is not chock full of information on dog-friendly locations but that's the best search term, anyway. "Dog-friendly hotels...." (or parks, or restaurants) in a search typically produces an outdated list that requires checking out every link, anyway. At least, it provides a place to start.

Listings for dog parks are pretty accurate even though the number of parks is not high. I still follow through with the city parks web site to locate park regulations.

Listings for hotels are not very accurate. And neither are the hotel web sites themselves. You cannot assume a "pet policy" is up to date (or even if it were ever accurate). Confirming a pet's welcome requires a phone call to the hotel. Important: ask if there's a fee to have a dog in the room. And also ask if there's a deposit.

Listings for restaurants that welcome dogs are least helpful. (Right, these are restaurants with patio seating.) Locating a restaurant to take your dog (on a leash) is likely to involve a drive-by for visual confirmation that dogs are around.

The photo: Sherman at his first hotel. A Hilton that required no extra fee and no deposit. If you were wondering... yes, that's a regular size office chair. Yes, that's a five-month-old puppy.

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