21 January 2009

Wayback at the White House & Today's Version, Too

The Internet Archive's wayback machine provides a window on the White House's web site and how it has changed over the years. Click on something from the Clinton years and boomers will be reminded of what most web sites looked like in that era. (Use the wayback machine's search box to enter any other URL and you can make your own historical review of old favorites.)

The new administration's web site (http://www.whitehouse.gov) rolled out yesterday afternoon with a new look, promising to equal the high tech ways of the Obama campaign. Not yet populated is the Briefing Room with space for Executive Orders and Proclamations. If you can't take the time to visit regularly, you can leave your email address to receive updates.

(Thanks to Jimmy Orr's blog yesterday at Christian Science Monitor for mentioning the wayback machine. I use the machine from time to time but I had never thought to use it for a political review.)

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