19 January 2009

A Few of Sherman's Firsts

At 3.5 months, Sherman the Labradoodle is not especially worldly. For example, he has not yet discovered the trash can at our house.

Still, this was a week of firsts for him. He traveled by car halfway across the country, enjoying (greatly) his first Rest Area pet areas.

And back in Texas today, he went to his first Sonic because dogs are allowed on the outside patio.

And then he went to his first park, where he saw little kids on bicycles. This was especially exciting because in our neighborhood he has seen only old people on bikes and they sit much higher.

The park visit ended with Sherman heading for his first hydrant. I wish my camera had caught his first approach, with front leg raised as if he meant to point. Remember, this is the dog who hasn't even noticed the trash can.

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