07 January 2009

ObamaNews ... and Warren Oversight

Summary-style news on the incoming administration is the strength of the web site of the Transition Team: change.gov. While the news can be sobering, the presentation is up-beat, to the extent that it qualifies as PR for the government. I'm not sure what this site accomplishes for the populace except for insight into one's own agenda. That's what it did for me. I clicked on the Agenda tab, scanned the options, and selected "Health Care." So. It's what I must care about most right now. I hadn't articulated that even in my own mind before.

My broader focus has been on jobs. (No, I'm not referring to my own.) As friends and family assess how they are doing in the economic downturn, every single one of them frames it in terms of, "I'm lucky to have a job." All of them see lay-offs in their industries; some of them have seen colleagues already handed a severance check.

That leads me to my other web reading: Elizabeth Warren's cop.senate.gov, which stands for Congressional Oversight Panel. Harvard professor Warren and three others are monitoring the spending of the TARP bailout money. At least, they are beginning to monitor....

Warren's reputation is the best thing COP has going for it. The web site is mercifully simple, with just 3 menu buttons at present. The problem is, that could be accused of being over-Mac'd, which means the intent for simplicity may be the site's downfall. With just a couple of posts so far, it doesn't inform much. But the potential is there and Warren's role is worth watching.

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