23 January 2009

Personal Technology: Treadmill Computing

My impression of treadmill desk users is that they are either in love with exercise or detest it. I'm in the latter group.

And I'm also pretty picky about desk design. All the photos of treadmill desks on the web present bulky structures, with hand holds covered by desk supports.

My makeshift version of a treadmill desk doesn't fulfill all desk functions but it is streamlined! All I do is prop a subnotebook on the upper ledge of the treadmill console. Sheer luck: that ledge has a bit of a lip on the front that securely holds the computer in place. There's electric in the floor nearby so I don't have to rely on battery for computing. And I increase text size on the screen in order to scroll through email and web pages. (I scroll with the down arrow key, not the touchpad.)

The exercise part? I can manage 0.5 miles per hour and keep a steady reading eye. Yep, that's barely moving. But it is moving.

Literally decades ago, the late Suzanne Pleshette told Johnny Carson that she wasn't much attracted to exercise. "Whenever I feel the urge to exercise, I find that if I lie down it goes away."

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