10 January 2009

Pup Tent

Sherman's pup tent is actually a "pop-up kennel," which means that it is a cloth and mesh collapsible unit intended for travel. The fact that it resembles a tent (with a door flap) is coincidental.

Tom Bold is going to attempt travel with Sherman, whose current car rides max out at one hour. How he will tolerate a day or two of driving is unknown. I suggested the obvious: break down Sherman's big metal crate and take it along. Tom was absolutely silent. That means he doesn't agree with me but isn't quite sure of the alternative. I took it to mean that Sherman's crate would not make the trip.

OK. There must be an alternative. And it's the pop-up kennel. It folds down to a small square (a lot like those car windshield shades we used to wrestle). The only real risk is that Sherman will eat it, of course.

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