29 January 2009

Names Matter, even for economic downturns

What we call a circumstance frames our response to it. Yes?

Robert Reich uses the term Mini Depression in his blog.

A website opines on styles of economists with this long blog name: Great Recession because it's not a depression. yet.

The lower-case approach is deep recession or economic downturn. Those are terms I have used pretty consistently but am ready to abandon. They do not reflect the toll on the people who are losing their jobs and their sense of security for health and wealth.

I don't care for the Great Recession because it sounds too clever. I want an authentic name, fully aware that the best descriptor may emerge a few years from now.

Bloomberg.com reports that the White House doesn't want to risk what may emerge as The Descriptor. The media types have run focus groups to find out what vocabulary will attract support from the populace. What's being touted for now? Recovery instead of recession. Investment instead of infrastructure.

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