16 January 2009

Home Office: The Make-Shift Stand-Up Desk

One of the drawbacks of working at home is the tendency to sit for too long at the computer. In the workplace, there's enough interruption (and going to meetings) to keep you moving. On the other hand, working at home has potential for more and varied workspaces to support movement. For the past week I have concentrated on standing more while I compute. I sit after about a half-hour but I cycle through the routine several times in a day. (I also find that my rolling table shifts during a standing session. I never end where I started.)

The Internet is full of treadmill desks now and I'm determined to give that a try, too. What could entice one to return to an office workspace? Well, it would have to be as good as Fog Creek Software's office in San Francisco, new in 2009. They installed desks that can be raised for stand-up work. And a lot of other nifty furniture. Check out their slideshow and be sure to read the comments below each photograph.

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The Sociologist said...

I thought I was doing good with variety by switching from one end of the couch to the other. Standing up?? I know you have frequently switched dominant hands. Is this similar and would also extend my brainpower? Maybe in the spring I'll walk around the house every hour, in lieu of climbing stairs at work.

Anonymous said...

Ooh this is fabulous! Cool Entertainment Centers for your office.