01 January 2009

Housing Values: Checking with Online Estimators

When I checked online housing price estimators two months ago, I found a wide range of values estimated for our home, topping at a million bucks. Last night's check on the numbers removed that unrealistic option but still produced a wide range of potential values.

To permit comparison, I set my own "fair price" on the dome. It's a figure that provides profit above the original cost and reflects what I would have called a reasonable price last summer. That's when we actually thought about moving and met with a realtor—but realized all markets were working against us and we'd better sit tight. So, my X value has never been tested but I'll use it for these comparisons and I'll repeat the process in another several months.

At RealEstate.com, our home value is estimated at 68% of X.

At Yahoo! Real Estate, home values are figured with the assist of two databases, reported side by side. The value for our house from Zillow.com is 110% of X. The second one, from appraisal.com, comes in at 170% of X. Yahoo! doesn't attempt to reconcile the estimates.

A Bank of America web site also offers a range, but at least a bit narrower, at 120% to 150% of X. The values are presented as a minimum and a maximum, presumably from a single source.

So, overall, I found a remarkable value range: from 68% of X to 170% of X. Even though the majority of estimates exceeded 100% of X, I'm not counting on them. Neither am I testing them. (Sitting tight.) But I will track them this year and perhaps learn more about online estimators than about the housing market?

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