18 January 2009

Boomer Woman's Political Walk-Out

Have you noticed Willie Brown all over cable news-and-commentary shows? He looks remarkably the same as... the olden days.

More than 30 years ago, I had that up-close view. I was (briefly) a member of California's Democratic Party State Central Committee. I was appointed by a State Senator whose name is long gone from my memory. I met my sponsor only a few times; my appointment had more to do with my employment by a labor union than any close association with the Senator.

Willie Brown was a feature of nearly every political event I attended in those years. When the Committee had an especially hot meeting, it was Willie who stood with an impassioned speech and led virtually all the attendees in a walk-out.

I was in that number and delighted that I was part of Willie's protest. Today, I chuckle at not remembering what the heck we were protesting.

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