09 January 2009

Slow Shopping with One Exception

January is supposed to be slow for retailers, of course. A mall is supposed to be quieter. But I don't think it's supposed to be a ghost town.

Yesterday, at Town Center (upscale retailers) in Southlake, Texas (upscale city) in perfect weather (an upscale 70 degrees), my friends and I were outnumbered by the clerks in the stores we visited. We numbered three.

And while friends might accuse me and The Sociologist of not knowing a good shopping day from a... I have no idea what to compare it to..., everyone knows that The Chef knows retail. And she was with us.

So, we toured the shops and The Chef confirmed that we were seeing far too many sale signs of 60% and 75% "off" in stores that never used to discount more than the occasional and sedate 10% reward sale. Clerks rushed to us with shopping bags that we used to buy just a few heavily discounted lady-shopping items. (Things that fit in miniature shopping bags.) We didn't stimulate the economy with our purchases and The Sociologist commented that no shop owner would cover overhead. And I'm wondering how many days you can go before you start laying off those clerks who outnumber the customers.

As dire as my description is, there was one store, with doors wide open, that issued a veritable hum as we walked past. In fact, the sound of people was so dramatic that we turned and counted and photographed. Apple.

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