06 October 2008

Employment in Retirement: YourEncore

YourEncore...accelerating innovation through proven experience...is an employment site focused on retired scientists and engineers.

The strength of this "matching service" between retirees (the Experts) and companies (the Clients) is the membership model of the Clients. The founding Client Companies were Proctor & Gamble and Eli Lilly. Since 2003, the group has grown to more than 30. So, when HR folks review the Experts' resumes, they come to the task with interest in finding a match from this defined pool. (The concept is similar to one I described in an earlier blog about IBM's partnership with the U.S. Treasury Department under auspices of the non-profit Partnership for Public Service. Their joint effort is to capture retiring IBM employees for a needed government workforce.)

Experts—the scientists and engineers interested in short-term or part-time employment—enter a profile online and can keep it updated. When a Client taps the Expert for employment, YourEncore facilitates the paperwork. The Client dictates whether the Expert will be an employee or an independent contractor.

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Jill Snyder (Jill.snyder@yourencore.com) said...

Hi Mary - thank you for your article on YourEncore. We appreciate your spreading the word about Yourencore and how we can help retirees keep engaged in the workforce.

I thought I'd post a company 'update' to provide a little added info: We now have over 4,200 Experts in our network, and it is growing daily. We have over 40 Clients that we work with who seek assistance from these vetted scientists and engineers. All information you need to learn about how to become an Expert can be found at www.yourencore.com.

One clarification is that when we place an Expert on a client project, most times the Expert works as a 'consultant' of YourEncore. YourEncore then handles all the admin work associated with the engagement. The Expert alwasy gets to choose whether or not they want to work on an engagement.

Once again, on behalf of all of us at YourEncore, thank you for spreading the word. Cheers...Jill Snyder, Director of Marketing, YourEncore.