18 October 2008

Ex-Retirement Job Search

As many retirees or soon-to-be retirees consider boosting their incomes for the next 2-3 years, the job search begins! Leading baby boomers (starting with birth year 1946) have now reached the age for early retirement with Social Security, but may be re-thinking their prospects. Retirees depending solely on Social Security face the promise of inflation or stagflation and the likelihood of deep recession/depression (which are typically announced after they are well underway). Retirees with additional resources such as investments may have already seen those resources drop. Those still working are deciding to stay on the job; those already retired wonder if they can secure a job.

AARP's Job Search Resources and Websites for Older Workers is a good collection of web links with the repeating theme of "for 50+ workers."

A brief mention on the AARP page caught my attention: a reference to Workamping or work camping (Wikipedia link), an option for retirees able to travel and commit to working in mainly camping facilities for free camp space and (usually) a part-time job at a low hourly rate of pay.

And the Wikipedia page led me to the Volunteer.gov web site where a myriad of non-paying jobs are listed for parks, national forests, and other government locations. Less emphasis on pay for these positions—but many of the park and forest agencies offer RV pads or similar settings for the retiree willing to commit to days, weeks, or months "on the job."

And for those friends who question whether I could tolerate such a setting for more than 48 hours, I say this: if there's Internet access, I would relish volunteering 24 hours a week to enjoy the free housing for the balance of the week in a beautiful setting. Now, it's just a matter of making sure I can get a signal.

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