25 October 2008

Household Project Reminder

Household projects sometimes go unfinished. Then they deserve a revisiting by all the stakeholders. But that can create disharmony, especially when the unfinished status stretches to years.

Is there a tactful way to move the project originator to the completion point? My new technique is to photograph the project (iPhone click and send to email), print the image, and stick it up on the refrigerator. There is actually one more step, the most difficult: say nothing.

If you are lucky enough to have a chuckler for a partner, this is effective. Tom saw the photo, chuckled, and completed the 3 tasks within 3 days.

Can you spot the 3 tasks?

In the tradition of magazine quizzes, the answer appears below in reverse type.

1 - droc pirts rewop rof eloh llird,
2 - flehs fo segde tnorf ot mirt dda,
3 - tod neerg a htiw tnemecalper a rof erots elppA ot ebuc rewop enohPi dellacer ekat.

You actually read that?

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