03 October 2008

Personal Technology: There Is No iBrother

You are welcome to laugh at me.

Event #1: I managed to take our Tree Man's iPhone to Starbucks. (Fill in the how with details of your choosing.) When I pushed the on button I was confused by the Monet wallpaper. "How pretty. Maybe Apple downloaded that last night." But then I thought, no, Apple and AT&T wouldn't do that. So, I assumed that I had Tom Bold's iPhone even though the backside of the machine matched my 3G, not Tom's non-3G. (What is the first iPhone called, anyway?) And then I spent several minutes not making sense of the Favorites of Mom and Dad and Jackie because I was pretty sure that if I had picked up Tom Bold's iPhone, it wouldn't have provided links to his 90-something parents (or Jackie). Needless to say, the Tree Man figured all of this out a lot faster than I did.

Event #2: I went to see Eagle Eye. Of course, any boomer already knows about HAL but the movie is entertaining, nevertheless. (This generation's AI star is ARIA.)

Event #3: I woke up to a dropped call. That is, I heard the phone (no, not the Tree Man's) but there was no response when I picked it up. After a couple of minutes, I decided to be responsible and check on who had tried to call. When I punched the on button, a screen appeared with this message:

  • "Maps" would like to use your current location

Horrors! Of course, I clicked the Do Not Allow option. And I had that momentary who is google-earthing me dread, which surely was the first time I (or perhaps anyone) had ever made a verb of google-earth. So, maybe a little too much HAL and ARIA in my life?

(A proper googling of the "Maps" would like... phrase produced explanation of the entirely internal geotagging process by which my iPhone checks out locations by first establishing my current location. I don't know why it was doing it at 8am. Maybe it was a glitch. Or maybe I accessed an unintended screen when I turned on the phone. I do that a lot.)

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