12 October 2008

Boomer Logic: Cheap Gas!

I really like my brother-in-law, especially when he says things like, "Yeah, I'm driving as much as possible so that I can enjoy buying more gas at these prices."

For those of us who work hard at not noticing the cost of gasoline, the falling prices are not fully appreciated. But the people who do appreciate are commuters, delivery and service workers, and law enforcement officers. Yep. Law enforcement.

In a June 2008 NPR interview, a sheriff in Washington state reported that the department's budget was based on $2.70/gallon so he felt more than just a pinch when prices went above $4. A Georgia police chief put his officers on a new schedule: step out of the patrol car for 10 minutes every hour and walk. Fuel is saved and the community enjoys another style of patrol. For the full audio interview, log into NPR.

On a personal note: The Prius is holding its gas mileage at 52.6 mpg. Cooler temps (meaning I'm not using the air conditioner) are helping with that. ~ Lida

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Anonymous said...

Cheap gas? That is what the republicans want us to think.This is the most expensive gas ever. We paid for it with American lives in Iraq and the collapse of the entire U.S. economic system. I cannot wait for Nov. 4th. Kudos to you for getting a Prius, it is the best way to give the finger to our "friends" in the Middle East and Cheney's Halliburton. I just hope this country has not been bamboozled by the McCain-Palin debaucle and realizes that 4 more years of Bush would completely collapse what is left of this country.