24 October 2008

Personal Technology: Not Visiting Every Apple Store

Do you think it might have been boomers who invented traveling around the country for the sake of playing golf in every state? I know several boomers who have completed that task. I know another boomer who is still working on baseball games in every state. And a birder boomer who is down to her last few states. So, here's the disclaimer: I am not seeking to visit an Apple store in every state. But I am reporting on another class, courtesy of Apple.

The photograph above is from the Apple store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis. The seats may not be as plush as the theatre style padded chairs in the San Francisco store, and the session may not be as well attended, but my class in Mac Book Pro basics was wholly satisfying, nonetheless.

The teacher was the nicest I've met at an Apple store. He took a real interest in questions. He patiently demonstrated the most basic of functions. He repeated the demonstrations twice. Sometimes thrice. He was not rushed and allowed the session to run well past the announced ending time. This was because I was his only student and no one showed up for the next class.

That's not quite true. When we wrapped up our private tutoring session, the teacher called out to the teenagers sitting on the back row of seats. "You guys just hanging out?" Yeah.

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