16 October 2008

A 6 theme in financial news

Of course, there was more in the financial crisis news this week than the number 6 but that's the number that kept popping up in stories I read today. Here are the 6s....

Today's unemployment rate is 6.1% and Bill Gates says that might climb to 9%.

Intel woke up this morning with some recovery to its 6% loss the day before.

Fannie Mae mortgage securities' yields increased to 6.09%.

In a week's time, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages' average rate rose from 6.06% to 6.75%.

Municipal bond yields rose to 6.74%.

Worldwide, bank losses top $600 billion. An IMF analysis predicts more ahead, in the $800 billion range.

In the past year, U.S. household net worth dropped $6 trillion. About 1/6 of that drop occurred in the past month.

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