14 July 2008

Encore Career

Encore. Once more. Repeat performance. Except the encore career is not a repeat at all. It's the newly crafted career that replaces the one that came before. Bankers become adventure guides. And probably fewer adventure guides become bankers.

Boomers invented it. Boomers are responsible for the new concept of encore career. First, because they are the first generation living long enough to want/need a second career. Second, because they want the second career to be more fulfilling or more rewarding or just more fun.

Website guide: Googling "encore career" will produce about a zillion links. Here's the one I recommend as the first one: Encore Career. This link will take you to the home page, but I recommend you visit the "find" page, too. It is a great place to dive in. (If you see a pop-up box about google and APIs and maps, just persist. Or, check out the URL in that message and learn about embedded maps, which is pretty interesting, too.)

On a personal note: I'm composing. That's to say that I have my date in sight and I have preliminary plans accomplished. Just a couple of months more. ~ Lida

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