10 July 2008

Duplicating Shower Gifts

Conscious intention: A fellow boomer woman, whom I shall call The Sociologist (because she is one), appreciates my conscious intention to match our needs for gifts with the young women in our lives. We have a lot of young women in our lives. You cannot be attached to a campus without collecting a lot of young friends. (Most of them are students, of course, and that does not mean they cannot be friends).

Lots of showers: Those young women have a lot of showers. I mean, a lot of showers. The Sociologist and I therefore receive a lot of invitations to showers and we even go to some. (I try to avoid the ones that are likely to have games.) Well, my conscious intention is to use the showers as opportunity to improve our boomer lives. Maybe it's because I didn't get a lot of shower gifts personally (in fact, I never had a shower of any kind but that pretty much matches the personality of someone who tries to avoid parties with games, even today) or maybe it's just because modern showers permit practically painless shopping. In any case, The Sociologist and I use these showers as opportunity to buy something for ourselves as we select gifts for the young women.

Good taste. They always have good taste. I think all young women today do. So, ordering up duplicate gifts (with different shipping addresses, of course) is great fun. I wonder how many extra sales Crate and Barrel enjoys as boomer women use registry shopping. (I have found wonderful things there. Target, too.)

A heart-stopping moment. The only worry that has ever arisen came the day that The Sociologist received a gushing young woman in her office. "Oh, you and Dr. Bold are so kind. Thank you, thank you." And as she leaned in for the hug, she concluded, "I love the electric breast pump."

Within minutes, The Sociologist was tracking me down by cell... "I didn't know we had given a gift this week. Tell me you didn't get duplicates."

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