18 July 2008

Air Travel: Great Seats

Seat selection research. Best seats? I am newly educated by the website www.seatguru.com, where nearly every style of plane and jet is detailed. Mouseover seating diagrams disclose the pro and con of every seat on the plane, for every airline I am ever likely to fly.

Baby boom and the sonic boom. Baby boomers didn't invent flying but we literally grew up with it. We dressed up for the plane. We smoked on the plane. Even in coach, we ate from china on the plane. As the airlines got smarter about how to maximize their profits, we got smarter about how to maximize our comfort. We developed preferences (aisle only) and strategies (upgrades) and we even joined loyalty clubs to increase the odds of a decent flight. But I'll admit that I never charted my favorite seats; I operated on vague memory of good row numbers. Do I need seatguru.com's research to book my seats? Actually, I do: it outperforms my vague memory.

Seat pitch, seat width, and video type : If you are very detail oriented, consult the website's menu tab for Comparison Charts. This may mean logging into multiple windows on the day you select seats for a flight but the reward will be in seat pitch, seat width, and video type.

On a personal note: No entry on personal technology today. iAmWithout. (See yesterday.) ~ Lida

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