21 July 2008

iPhone Saga, continued.

The lawn chair was a bad sign. Sailing into the local Apple store at noon on Friday was not reasonable, of course. And when we saw the woman carrying the lawn chair leaving the store, albeit with an Apple bag in her hand, we knew we were doomed.

Lines awaiting. We didn't have to walk too far into the store for confirmation. People were obviously still standing in line and a very good-looking man in Apple apparel was explaining to a would-be customer, "Well, there are still 14 but we have more people than that ahead of you."

Nationwide availability checker: Tom Bold had already checked for availability. Of course, that was 5 hours previous. The company is wisely sharing its inventory numbers online. (I like the mash-ups that have been published utilizing the data: nifty googlemaps with stores highlighted and even their distance in miles from my home. I laughed on the day that the mash-up advised me of a unit just 832 miles away, in Chicago. With pressing concern (see below) a drive is not necessarily out of the question.)

And why would Tom Bold be participating, anyway.... He wants my hand-me-down iPhone. It's harder and harder to find a non-flip phone and that's his requirement. I understand his frustration with that style: I, too, used to hang up on a lot of people as I tried to open the flip to answer calls. What makes most of us laugh at present is that Tom has always gone for the 1¢ phone when "upgrading." That's why he currently has what we call his little-girl phone (small, tapered, and white—the princess phone of cell phones). And the only reason he's now ready to upgrade? The little phone went through the wash. It's working. For now. ~ Lida

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Carol said...

A friend of mine lost her iPhone while boating... she is now waiting for a replacement, too. It sounds like she will have quite a wait.

A NOTE: She ran into a slight problem with the iPhone being a "flat" design. Several times, she accidentially called me and I could hear her in conversation with her husband... she had no idea she had called. I kept saying, "Hello, Hello, Hello." Finally I figured out she was not really calling me and I hung up.

Now, she has a pretty leather holder for the phone and it seems to have taken care of the problem.