13 July 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D

Don't ask Lida. Everyone knows not to rely on me for a movie review. I am not discriminating; I like them all. (Now, my daughter-in-law? She's actually done it for a living. She actually knows how to review. I like listening to her talk about movies.)

What I can review: 3D glasses. Aside from an entertaining story, Journey to the Center of the Earth provided me with the best 3D plastic glasses I have ever worn. Lightweight, but large enough to fit over my other glasses. An IMAX theatre offered similarly large glasses for Beowulf, but the weight was bothersome. Plus, the theatre wanted their big glasses back after the movie. (Theatre went out of business since then, too.)

Length of viewing: Only with examples of Beowulf and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in recent memory, I was skeptical that Journey could be 3D for the entire length of the feature and somehow not take a toll on my eyes or concentration or something. Perhaps it was an unspoken "Don't stare at a 3D movie for too long" warning that I should have received in childhood? Well, no harm came of it. I was also able to keep track of the glasses better.

On a personal note: I go to the movies for solitude. Nearly every Sunday morning, when crowds are light. When I stumble upon a popular release with lots of people sitting around me, I remind myself that "it will be good to experience the film as a member of a group." I don't actually believe that but I don't want to throw away my ticket. Oh. Incredible Hulk starts in 18 minutes and it takes me 12 to get there. Goodbye. ~ Lida

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