17 July 2008

iPhone G3 Not Available Today

Never occurred to me. That the local Apple store would not have a phone waiting for me never crossed my mind. I saw those news photos last week, people camping out with Cheetos and Red Bull. Amusing, but not threatening. They would be welcome to claim the first hundred thousand units. And then there would be other hundreds of thousands of units for the rest of us.

A million or more. And apparently there were a million or more units available last weekend. It just never occurred to me that I would need to check the daily stock.

What does this really mean? Surely I don't have to take up severe caffeine drinks, do I? I am a boomer woman accustomed to getting everything I want, within my budget and general sensibility. Well, at least within my budget. But I'm seeing that the young, willing to make sacrifices and stand/sleep in line, are going to get what they want. Ahead of me.

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