06 April 2009

Readiness for PHR, Personal Health Record

A few months ago, I commented on this blog that I wasn't ready to create a personal and electronic health record on the web. Yesterday, I found a change in my thinking and went so far as to log-in to an established Patient Center under the auspices of MinuteClinic. (That's the walk-in health facility housed in many CVS Pharmacies.)

PHRs (personal health records) will be a commonplace item in just a few years, largely due to the federal administration's inclusion of the technology in stimulus funding. Has the national discourse on health care and PHRs influenced my thinking? Assuredly. What was a vague idea a few months ago is now a likelihood for me and millions of others.

What prompted my new action, though? It was a second visit to MinuteClinic (minor ailment) in which the sign-in screen (all electronic at this efficient work station) asked me to permit a default option of follow-up email about a web-based health record. I simply let the default checkmark stand—and then entered my email address via the touchscreen. But the time I reached home, my inbox displayed a message with a link to the online Patient Center.

The self-service sign-in desk at MinuteClinic also carried a small, print flyer about the online option of health records. I took one of those. I didn't actually learn anything from it that I didn't already know. But that small piece of paper contributed to my willingness to follow the link that would soon be in my inbox.

I followed the email link to the Patient Center, where I "registered" with a few factoids and a password. I clicked through my records there. Two visits to MinuteClinic, 5 months apart. The records were identical to the print reports I was given during the appointments.

But I didn't proceed with the next step. That would be the optional "export" of the MinuteClinic records to a PHR at either Google Health or Microsoft HealthVault. Both of those free services carry the word Beta in their logos. That's fair: they would have to be beta at this point.

News reports assure that we'll see a lot of changes between now and 2014 (target year for PHRs). I cannot imagine if the Google and Microsoft repositories will be in place 5 years from now, or what system I may use. Will I choose? Will my insurance provider dictate? Will networks of physicians lead me to a choice? I'm mainly just interested in my half-step yesterday. I think it might be classfied as readiness.

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