27 April 2009

Free piece of chicken. But which piece?

That's the full-page ad inviting us to eat KFC today—one free piece of grilled chicken. No purchase necessary.

Looks like 2009 will be the year of food-giveaways. Interestingly, this is the 3rd time I have thought long and hard about KFC in this calendar year. That's unusual because in at least 40 previous years of my ilfe I never thought about KFC. It was just there with original, then crispy, chicken. And the cole slaw that admittedly I didn't eat until I was in my 30s. And the mashed potatoes, which always satisfied.

Suddenly, this year, my boomer friends and I are discussing KFC.

A month ago a boomer woman friend actually phoned me to warn that KFC's value menu was slight and not worth driving out of the way for. This was probably in response to my blog about the increased number of value and dollar menus at our drive-through fast food chains.

A week ago I visited a KFC for lunch with another boomer woman friend. I noticed the grilled chicken on the menu and commented that I hadn't tried that. She dismissed it with, "We're not going to eat that today." (And she was right. Neither of us did.)

So, will any of us locate a KFC today (Monday, April 27 only) and ask for a free piece of chicken?

If we were to do that, what piece would we receive?

Well, to paraphrase my friend, it doesn't matter because we're not going to do that today.

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