03 April 2009

Personal Technology: Air Card for Internet Access

Air cards are getting smaller and not so card-like anymore. Last month, I picked up a USB air card. Slight contradiction in terms there. This non-card slips into a USB port to provide Internet access for a computer. The technology adds a dedicated cell phone to your computer for use on the 3G network, assuring faster-than-dial-up web access.

With Internet everywhere, why would anyone pay for another route to the web? Here are my reasons:

1 - About half the time that I log into networks at Starbucks and Panera, either the connection fails or is not available at all.

2 - WiFi sounds attractive at airports but the hourly/daily charges ($6 - $12 seems to be my range) add up.

3 - Subscriptions to WiFi services become too hidden on the monthly credit card bill so that I'm not irritated enough at the number of places I cannot find the service. (FYI, I ended my $30/month service and that pays for 2/3 of my new air card charge.)

4 - Hotel charges for WiFi are the most irritating of all ($10 - $15 is the typical range I find). I applaud the hotels and motels that provide free Internet access. Of course, when the connections are weak or don't work, my applause quiets.

5 - iPhone web access is fine for a lot of things, but not everything.

6 - The great outdoors beckons, even though my friends and colleagues doubt that. But I have computed at dog parks. So, there.

7 -
The USB unit can plug into any of my 3 laptops (includes a Mac). It may be the first thing I've plugged into the Vista machine that hasn't given me fits.

8 -
My AARP discount from AT&T brings down the monthly charge to 40-something dollars.

9 - I have two client locations where using their networks is problematic. I can now create my own connection without fuss.

10 - I can download 6,000 songs per month without reaching the account limit.

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