07 May 2010

Where do tea towels come from?

I don't think tea towels separate the generations. Rather, tea towels separate women who care and women who don't have a clue. I'm in that latter group.

The above tea towel has hung on our kitchen stove for almost 9 years. My sister provided it. Just like she provided the previous tea towel. And the one before that. I cannot say exactly how many and I don't recall how long each lasted. Surely not as long as the current one.

My sister has always provided because about 35 years ago I commented that I was surprised at how many of my friends have things like tea towels. My reaction was always a mild curiosity. How do people have tea towels and kitchen shears and other subtleties of home life?

With a generous spirit, my sister simply provided without pointing out that I could learn how to shop for tea towels.

It's fair for you to wonder how the heck a family maintains a single tea towel for 9 years. Very simple. If the family has someone like me in charge of home purchases, all members just understand to leave the tea towel alone. No family discussions. No instructions. Just one of those family truths that everyone knows.

I'm thinking the tea towel should be recycled in the next move. And my sister can shop once more.

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