14 May 2010

Robbers Cave State Park: Recommended

Although the approach to Robbers Cave State Park (Oklahoma) includes a long accessibility ramp, the terrain changes abruptly to steps like this to climb to the rock hide-out of robbers. We walked a slightly less steep path, mixing rocky trail with strategically placed stepping stones. The walk is supposedly equal to climbing 8 flights of stairs but I'd say it's more like 4. Still, the operative word is climb and I was glad it wasn't raining.

The state park offers camping and cabins. We stayed in a low-end cabin (the type allowing dogs) and, with dog fee, paid about $75/night. All cabins were sold out the weekend before (Mother's Day) and are similarly booked for the end of the month (Memorial Day). Our mid-week timing meant few visitors.

The lakes are pretty. There's a Sonic in the nearby town. And the cave hike makes Robbers Cave State Park a low-stress vacation. Well, except for the tornado warning that first night.... Distractions were the satellite flat-screen TV in the cabin and (surprise) great Internet access with our Sprint Overdrive hotspot. When the satellite TV went out for an hour (!), I tracked the tornado on radar maps on the Internet.

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