21 May 2010

Personal Technology: iPad

That image—an iPhone atop an iPad—displays what a boomer loves best about Apple's new offering: size. I probably won't bluetooth to the iPad for the sake of telephoning, but for most other functions of the iPhone I will elect to use the larger unit. What is not visible here, but just may emerge as my favorite app, is the iBooks reader. I'll give a report at a later date.

(For purchase, the Apple store's NotifyMe system worked for me. I ordered one day and received my notice of an available unit two days later. No deposit or commitment was required with the original request for a unit. To satisfy your other question: yes, I bought the cheapest iPad.)

Disclosure statement: I have no relationship with Apple and I have not received any compensation or free product for mentioning their products. (This blog's only monetary reward comes through google.adsense links, which are selected by Google, not by me.)

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Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention how supremely jealous your friends are. When you were displaying the latest gadget at the restaurant, even the waitstaff joined me in envy. Our waiter is "definitely buying one" with his next paycheck. At one point, four waiters were looking over your shoulder. Apple could have made a great commercial - in shades of green.