02 November 2009

Toy Story 2 Quiz Easier Than the GRE

I spent more than a week waffling on committing nearly 3 hours to the Toy Story double feature. I'm not so much a fan of animation even though the 3D Up caught my fancy earlier this year and Wild Things captured my cinema dollars most recently. I also had no fond memories of the Toy Story movies. I didn't know why. I certainly knew of the films. Why wouldn't I have seen them in first release? Ah... look at the year: 1995. I was taking the GRE. So, I went to the local Harkins for the double feature. And found a test in 2009! The intermission tested our knowledge about the characters. When the quiz at the 3-minute mark asked, "What was the name of Jessie's previous owner?" I didn't have a clue. I didn't even know who Jessie was. Happily, the sequel started just 3 minutes later and I learned all about Jessie and Emily. And I delighted that my quiz this year was so much easier than the GRE.

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