20 November 2009

Birthday Cake but Mainly Post Offices

I went to a birthday lunch yesterday and had wonderful cake at the Cheesecake Factory. This one really did have cheesecake, plus red velvet cake, plus sour cream frosting, plus white chocolate shavings. We intended to photograph it at start but instead dove in. Above photo is saved only by the artistic shadow of the fork.

My companion nodded with recognition when I told her about my USPS visit just before lunch. It marked the first time a postal worker has pointed out to me the most expensive route to send a thick envelope instead of the least expensive. He started pitching the $15.44 express method, then the $4-something priority. I pointed out that my side of the monitor showed regular 1st class (at $1-something) as the same 2 business days delivery time as the priority price. He agreed that it did. And finally sold me that stamp.

My lunch companion said something similar happened to her the previous day at her Post Office. The worker asked her if she would like to rent a box. And that's the first time in her life that's been offered across a postal counter.

We wonder if everyone is raising money....

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