30 November 2009

Animals in Movie Titles

On my way to the movies last week, I uttered to myself, "If I could sit through Wild Hogs, I can sit through Old Dogs." And that's the moment I made the connection between the titles. You can fairly ask why I would go to a movie if that were my sentiment. Well, I had read the abysmal reviews of Old Dogs but also the cast list. I really did want to see what script would put Ann-Margret, Justin Long, Bernie Mac, Matt Dillon, Rita Wilson, and Amy Sedaris together. (As it turned out, these actors appeared very briefly in scenes that were more skit than story).

That's my cinematic defense. There's also the matter of language: I don't relate to the words wild and hogs. But I'm pretty comfortable with old and dogs.

(Next movie? I'm determined to move to the fox.)

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