27 November 2009

Personal Technology: Target Technology

Target gets the award for best web marketing this season. An email message linked me to the Target web site advertising Black Friday sales plus the sweepstakes entry. I bit.

I had to work a lot. The site advised me that I would need the printed target symbol from the newspaper ad—or I could print one out right there on the web. (That's what I did.)

I followed every instruction, even folding my print-out on the guide lines so that the image was on a smaller field. More crucial to the exercise was the instruction to "allow" the site to access by web cam. My check mark also represented permission for possible videotaping on their side.

Next instruction was to hold my print-out target 18" from the camera and tilt it. Oh, my. The spinning wheel of gifts on the screen started rotating. Next instruction: to select the gift I want, put it in the center spot and hold the paper target close to the camera. Oh, my, oh, my. I was told my gift would be unwrapped. And it was. That step took about 20 seconds. The result: a free soft drink at Target's in-store cafe on specific dates. (I won't make it to Target on those dates.)

So, all that explains how my image appeared on the Target web site (see screen capture above). At least, on my view of the Target web site. Target generated an amazing amount of interaction between me and the web site. I can hardly wait for Christmas.

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